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Recycle glass bottles to make torches that keep mosquitoes away

Recycle glass bottles to make torches that keep mosquitoes away
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Torches to decorate the terraces in summer are often expensive and are not very beautiful !

So, why not get some pretty bottles to make torches that we love ? In addition you can choose a citronella torch fuel to keep mosquitoes away !

Recycle beer bottles, red wine bottles, white wine bottles or Champagne bottles ! You will have choice ! Brown (beer bottles), green (red wine bottles), transparent (white wine bottles) or white (Champagne bottles) ! Ho, Yes I almost forgt! Now there are pink bottles of Champagne ! Imagine the decoration ! Pink torches on your terrace ! Wow ! That would be so beautiful ! 

It would be beautiful around a swimming pool, pink torches that smell citronella, they will illuminate the warm summer evenings and in addition they will keep mosquitoes at bay ! You just have to drink Champagne by the end of July !

To make these wine bottles torches, here is what you will need :

- Glass bottles : Bottle of red wine, bottle of white wine, Champagne bottle, bottle of beer, bottle of Perrier, etc.

- Rope

- Super glue

- Stones

- Tiki wicks

- Citronella torch fuel

- Brass coupling of 1/2 '' and 3/4 ''

- Lighter

How to do:

1) Soak the bottles of your choice all night in the sink, with hot water and dish soap

2) Remove the labels on the bottle, they will come off very easily after a night in hot, soapy water

3) Use super glue to glue the rope to the base of the bottle

4) Add stones to the bottom of the bottle so that it is heavy and does not fall if there is wind.

5) Fill the bottle with citronella torch fuel

6) Put a wick in a brass coupling and then put everything on the neck of a bottle

7) Light the wick with a lighter

Watch this video to learn how to make wine bottle torches : 

Source : Facebook Nifty

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Source: buzzfeednifty · Photo Credit: buzzfeednifty

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