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Recycle your old coffee capsules

Recycle your old coffee capsules
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Admit that you go through a lot of coffee capsules in a week, a month and even a year!

What would you think about recycling them and making fun projects with them?

Some projects will entertain children and some can be great for even the bigger children!

Take a look at the following ideas, who knows, you could be inspired!

Happy recycling!

Project 1

I love the idea of recycling old capsules to make it a very original Christmas wreath! I would go even further with this idea by painting the inside of the capsules to bring even more color to this unique garland.

Project 2

Your kids will love the activity of creating characters for big parties and Christmas. I like the idea of making little bells as in the photo. Let your imagination run wild.

Project 3

Do you need a multicolored ball in a floral arrangement or in the garden?

Here is a good idea to bring a different component to your decoartion.

Project 4

People do not really lack ideas for recycling old capsules! This necklace is made with coffee capsules!

Project 5

This Christmas ball is really original! It looks like a ball bought in a store that specializes in Christmas decorations!

Project 6

This candlestick was made with coffee capsules! Is it not so pretty?

Project 7

This butterfly is made entirely with old coffee capsules! Wouldn't this look great near your entrance? You could make a butterfly or any other model. The possibilities are endless.

Project 8

The pots are small, certainly, but so perfect for small succulents or miniature cacti.

Project 9

Christmas is coming very soon; this project will interest young and old. If you like decorations that are unique, you will probably like this crown made with capsules and ribbon.

Project 10

Your children all have the same key for your house, but you want to differentiate who owns which key? This is a very simple thing to do!

Project 11

I could see this kind of artistic decoration in a playroom, outside near the terrace or in a child's room.

Project 12

This pot holder was made with about fifty capsules and Parisian fasteners.

Project 13

Don't you think this Christmas tree is very original? This montage would be very nice on a table decorated for the holidays.

Hoping that these ideas inspired you!

Source: Des idées · Photo Credit: Des idées

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