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She cuts iron wires and covers them with hot glue to create a wonderful decoration.

She cuts iron wires and covers them with hot glue to create a wonderful decoration.
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What do we do with iron wires and hot glue? Beautiful corals which you can completely adapt to your home decor since because you can paint them.

To carry out this decorative project, you need: iron wire, a hot glue gunpliersacrylic paint, a brush, and one wood block.

Cut several pieces of wire of different sizes, between 10 and 40 cm long, and fold them in half. Using the hot glue gun, cover all wires with glue. Don't do it too regularly, try to have a natural look.

With 9-10 wires folded in two, you will get a piece about 18 cm high by 10 cm wide: adjust the lengths and the quantity according to the desired result.

Paint each wire covered with glue with acrylic paint with the color of your choice.

To assemble the coral: take 2 or 3 pieces and wrap a piece of wire to tie them together. Add 1 or 2 other pieces and tie them in the same way until all the pieces are tied.

To make a larger model: cut 3 pieces of wire between 30 and 35 cm long, and tie them to one end.

Fold the wires to make them look more natural. When you are satisfied with the shape, place it on a surface where the glue will not adhere. Cover the wires with hot glue.

Then, add glue across the wires, in layers, turn the piece over and add on the other side as well.

To hold your corals upright, use a block of wood, and staple the wires with U-shaped nails or resistant staples.

To hide your wires, cover them with hot glue and paint them!

Source: Ohoh · Photo Credit: Ohoh

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