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Take a look at these 15 fun DIYs to do with your kids or grandkids

Take a look at these 15 fun DIYs to do with your kids or grandkids
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Do you like to make plans for the weekends to make sure you do not waste your time ?

Do you want to create things and you only thinking about that? You can't wait to be on Friday to finally start all these beautiful projects ?

Well, after seeing the 15 projects, you may change your plans !

Because the 15 ideas presented here are way more exciting than anything you have planned this weekend !

New ideas that will inspire you so much !

Here are 15 DIYs that are way more exciting than whatever you have planned for the weekend

1) Fly me to the moon :

Take an old globe to make a beautiful moon !

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2) Add colors in a room completely white :

Add some decoration to a room by putting colored pompoms on a thread to decorate a white curtain.

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3) A successful transformation :

A beautiful sugar canister is transformed into a hanging planter !

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4) A feminine touch :

Water at room temperature, 3 colors of nail polish and clear candle holders to add a little girly touch in a room.

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5) A unique candlestick :

A simple piece of wood and candles of different colors !

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6) A 3D effect :

Dilute some acrylic paint with water to paint over black and white prints! See the magnificent results !

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7) Make a large clock :

An oversized clock with Roman numerals is a simple way to add decoration in a room. First, apply a coat of gray paint, then a coat of the color of your choice. Always use acrylic paint.

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8) Make centerpiece with faux cacti :

Make cacti by carving them in styrofoam cones. Then apply Smouth Finish to fill all the small holes in the foam. Once the Smooth Finish is dry, apply the layers of green acrylic paint and put the cacti into the flowerpots. Glue the artificial flowers on top of the cacti.

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9) Make a modern planter for your succulent plants :

Get a pizza stand and a nice bowl. Spray the pizza stand with acrylic paint and paint the glass or ceramic bowl with acrylic paint !

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10) Make a contemporary vase :

Use a temporary tattoo to decorate a vase !

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11) Wall decoration :

Add drops of paint on a canvas and simply scrape paint drops with a credit card !

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12) A centerpiece made of candles and patterned paper :

Glue patterned paper on candles to make a beautiful and unique centerpiece! Add artificial branches around the candle holders.

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13) Crystal photo display :

Use metal wire and beautiful crystals to make this beautiful project !

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14) Party animals :

You can buy these toys in your local dollar store. Take your favorite animals, and give them fun and colorful makeovers.

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15) A roll of craft paper :

Children will be able to draw whatever they want thanks to this !

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