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Teach children how to make paper plate hippopotamus

Teach children how to make paper plate hippopotamus
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It is rare to make hippos.

Yet when you see this final project, you will say :

WOW ! I would have liked to make it before.

Because this idea is awesome.

Take the opportunity to learn more about hippos.

You will find a lot of interesting information on the Internet about it, to educate the little ones, about this animal that they often do not know very well.

And never underestimate the learning power of children.

They learn really fast . . .

Even if they're very young.

You will need :

- 2 paper plates

- Gray paint (gouache or acrylic paint)

- Pink paint (gouache or acrylic paint)

- Gray construction paper

- White cardstock paper

- Small and big googly eyes

- Glue

- Scissors

- Black felt pen

How to do :

1) Start by cutting both sides of the paper plates to give them a slightly oval shape. Just a little bit. Two thin half-moons on each side of the plates.

Source : iheartcraftythings

2) Then fold a plate in half, this will make the mouth of the hippopotamus. Unfold the plate and paint only one side in gray

3) Then paint the 2nd plate in gray, the one that you will not have folded

Source : iheartcraftythings

4) Once the paint is dry. Take the plate that will be the mouth, turn it and paint the other side in pink. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Source : iheartcraftythings

5) Then cut two large nostrils that you paint in gray and glue them on top of the mouth of the hippopotamus

6) Use a black felt pen to make the 'whiskers' under the nostrils.

7) Cut circles in gray cardboard to make the ears of the hippopotamus and glue them on top of the head of the hippopotamus.

8) Glue the big googly eyes.

9) Then finish by cutting rectangular shapes with rounded corners in white cardstock paper to make the hippopotamus teeth

Source : iheartcraftythings

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Source: iheartcraftythings · Photo Credit: iheartcraftythings

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