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The best Halloween hacks and DIYs!

The best Halloween hacks and DIYs!
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Instead of rushing to the department stores this year, why not make your own Halloween decorations? You can even ask the help of the little ones! We have 10 of the best Halloween DIYs for you. 

1. Paper Plate Skeleton 

A very abordable craft to do! 

2. Glow Pumpkin Jars

These will really stand out the most outside on your porch! The tutorial is available HERE.

create craft love

3. Spider Ice Cubes

Scare your guests by putting these spider ice cubes into their drinks. You can find the instructions here.

pink peppermint design

5. Giant Spider Webs

Can you believe these spider webs are made out of garbage bags? See the tutorial

how about orange

6. Ghost Lights

Decorate your drive-way with these little ghost lights! Instructions

unoriginal mom

7. Bloody Candle

The perfect center piece for Halloween dinners! Here's how to make them: tutorial.

vicki o'dell

8. Kool-Aid Pantyhose

No need to spend a fortune on Halloween costumes! See the instructions.

if you give a girl a needle

9. Faux Chain

Give your backyard a spooky look with these faux chains. All the information available here.

ribbons and glue

10. Glow Eyes

This craft will really impress your kids! All the details here

duck brand

Are you excited for Halloween? 

Source: the 36th avenue · Photo Credit: pinterest

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