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The most beautiful cobwebs to create for Halloween

The most beautiful cobwebs to create for Halloween
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Decorate the house and windows of your home with original spider webs!

Here are 3 super simple templates to craft, because we offer you all the steps to reproduce, in addition to sharing with you our Instagram video of The Best Ideas For Kids.

So if you were looking for good ideas for arts and crafts with the children, look no further! Tricks and Crafts is always pleased to help you! Follow us daily to see the best craft ideas, no matter the season!

You will find all the fabrication details below and a video at the bottom of the article.

Here are the best cobweb ideas to craft for Halloween:

For the black canvas:

What you'll need:

-A black cardboard


How to:

1) Bend a black cardboard to get a square shape and cut the excess cardboard outside this square

2) You will end up with a square folded in two that will give a triangular shape

3) Fold this triangle in half, then again in half and one last time in half

4) With scissors, cut all pieces of cardboard that protrude from the triangular shape you just folded

5) Always with scissors, cut rectangular strips with rounded ends inside this triangular shape, from the largest strip, to the smallest

6) Then unfold the shape to find a beautiful black spider web

Source: Instagram bestideasforkids

For a black and orange canvas:

-A paper plate

-Gouache or black craft acrylic paint

-A brush or sponge brush


-A paper hole punch

-Orange wool

-Black pompom

-Little mobile eyes (Googly eyes)

-White school glue

-Black construction paper

How to:

1) Apply one or two coats of black paint on the paper plate and allow to dry well

2) With scissors, cut the entire inside of the paper plate (the non-corrugated part)

3) Use a paper punch to pierce the entire inner contour of the plate

4) Thread the wool in all the holes of the plate by intersecting the strands of wool

5) Make a small spider with pieces of black construction paper, a black tassel of small black eyes (Googly eyes) and white glue

6) Then stick the little spider on one or two strands of wool that touch each other

Source: Instagram bestideasforkids

For black and black canvas:

-A black cardboard

-White chalk

-Black craft acrylic paint


-Paint brush

How to:

1) On a white cardboard, with a white wax chalk, begin by making a vertical line, then a horizontal line, then a diagonal line from left to right and a diagonal line from right to left.

2) Then connect all the lines drawn with curves that meet.

3) Mix a little black paint with water and apply the mixture with a brush on the white canvas.

4) Let dry completely before hanging on the wall.

Source: Instagram bestideasforkids

See all the fabrication details in the following video:

Source: Instagram bestideasforkids

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