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The shadow drawing technique is a fun activity that will keep your kids entertained all day long

The shadow drawing technique is a fun activity that will keep your kids entertained all day long
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When we say that children have fun with simple things, it's so true !

Just think about Christmas, when kids play with the big cardboard boxes with their cousins once they get tired of playing with their new super trendy and expensive toy! Even babies will play more with wrapping paper and boxes than with their toys.

This is what toy manufacturers must innovate to continue selling toys. But, children, remain children. And even if they grow fast, they love to play and discover simple things.

And it's our responsibility to make them discover "these simple things". Because we did not have the same education, or the same toys, and we spent more time playing outside and discovering "these simple things".

Draw on paper and not on a tablet. Playing with cardboard boxes. Playing hide-and-seek! Write in the street with sidewalk chalks. Playing hopscotch. Playing with a ball in a pantyhose that we hit against the wall of the house. Playing elastic rope! Playing yoyo, hula hoop ... !

All these beautiful activities that we did when we were kids. And it's up to us to teach them to our children.

Would you like your children to play these games ? So it's up to you to go outside and show them how to do it. Play with them ! Then your children will teach their friends to play. But we must show a good example. And do not just tell them to go outside and play with an iPad.

Do you want a new and fun activity ?

Draw the shadows of toys throughout the day! As the day progresses, the shadows will change !

You will need :

- Paper

- Pencils

- Plastic figurines of all kinds. Animals, characters, dinosaurs, etc.

- And sun!

Children will have fun during summer and at different times of the day, to create characters with different sizes !

Source: Above and Beyond, Te Puna

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