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This lady finds a flat sea urchin on the beach, now take a look at the other side of it.

This lady finds a flat sea urchin on the beach, now take a look at the other side of it.
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If you enjoy your summer vacation to go to the beach regularly, you may find some flat sea urchins on the water's edge. Just like this lady who found a sea urchin during her holidays. Except that this time, as soon as she returns the sea urchin, she realizes that it is very different from all the other sea urchins she has seen so far!

Generally, sea urchins that people find at the beach are dead. And the percentage of living sea urchins you may find is very very low.

Same as most people who collect sea urchins, they do not even know that these flat sea urchins have already been living creatures.

The flat sea urchin is a crushed and hollow sea urchin species. These are not as well known as sea urchins. But you might be lucky and find a flat and living sea urchin just like that lady! We never know! And do not worry, they are totally harmless.

In the video, this lady shows us the difference between the flat sea urchin dead and the living one!


  • Has a lighter color that resembles the color of the wet sand
  • We can see the shape of flower or leaf on the top
  • And one orifice is found on the other side of the sea urchin


  • Has a darker color almost black/purple
  • You will be able to see the outline of the flower or the flower but only in relief
  • On the other hand, you will not be able to see the orifice on the other side of the sea urchin since the other side is covered with thousands of little hairs that move. These small hairs will allow the sea urchin to recover the microscopic organisms that float in the ocean to feed itself.

Watch this beautiful video to see a flat sea urchin, alive!

You found it in the sea? See what we can do with these beautiful flat sea urchins!

1) Make it beautiful greeting cards!

2) Or simply decorations to be placed on a console in the vestibule

Have you seen these beautiful colors? Use acrylic or oil paint or permanent Sharpies markers!

See what can be done as beautiful decoration with other treasures of the sea!

3) With sea urchins you can hang air plants! They can survive without water and land! Just glue them with special glue! 

4) Or just put them on the living room console!

A sea urchin is very pretty in a vase with sand and succulents!

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