Crafts : This mom creates lovely pumpkins for her little girl!

This mom creates lovely pumpkins for her little girl!

A wonderful idea for children's rooms!

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Not all young children are ready to face monsters and vampires in the streets of our cities on Halloween night.

But that is not a reason to not celebrate this beautiful party as soon as they can wear a costume ! If you want to decorate the house, and your child loves mermaids and pirates, this idea will be perfect to decorate any room in your home, including your child's bedroom !

Get little pumpkins or even better: artificial pumpkins, because you can bring out the artificial pumpkins every year ! Then decorate them with a stencil to make beautiful mermaid pumpkins !

With a stencil this mom makes pumpkins that all girls would dream to have !

You will need :

- Natural or artificial pumpkins

- Fish scale stencil

- Painter's tape ( it is easier to take off without damaging the artificial pumpkins )

- Acrylic spray paint

- Decorative items : natural or artificial flowers, shells, stick-on pearls, pompoms, etc.

- Glitter

- A hot glue gun

How to do :

1) Start by spraying a first layer of paint all over the pumpkin and let it dry completely before applying a second layer of paint to get a uniform color.

2) Secure the fish scale stencil to the pumpkin with painter’s tape.

3) Spray paint over the stencil. Try to face the stencil from the same angle so the edges are as crisp as possible. To add two coats of paint, leave the stencil in place and let the first coat of paint dry before spraying the second coat of paint.

4) Place the stencil again to make more fish scales, lining it up with the ones you have already painted.

5) And finally, decorate the pumpkin with objects in relation with mermaids, flowers, shells, stick-on pearls, glitter, pompons, or other decorative items of your choice.

Watch the video below to see how to create these DIY mermaid pumpkins :

Source : Facebook video DIY Ideas

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Source: DIY Ideas
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