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Turn baby's pajamas into a keepsake teddy bear!

Turn baby's pajamas into a keepsake teddy bear!
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When we have a baby, we receive many clothes and many objects. But we wonder what to do with these clothes once our child no longer wears them? Would you like to reuse your child's pajamas and transform it into a wonderful keepsake bear, your child can keep it forever.

Take your baby or child's favorite pajamas to turn into a cute bear that will make a beautiful keepsake for your child.

Most of the time, if we have one favorite pajamas, it is because there is something that reminds us good memories or simply because your child preferred to wear these pajamas.

Anyway, this teddy bear will be a beautiful souvenir that your child will keep preciously!

You will need:

- One or two pajamas, depending on the model you want to make

- Synthetic fiber

- Thread and needle or sewing machine

- Free PDF pattern (Here is the link for the free pattern)

The next photos give you some examples of the final result once the transformation is done.

In order to make this cute teddy bear, you will need 2 pajamas and a beanie for the back of the teddy bear.

Source : imgur

This one with flowers is beautiful and your girls will love it.

Source : Sew Stinkin Fabulous

The next teddy bear is perfect for people who love camouflage patterns

Source : Maci Michael

Yellow is a neutral color that is very popular for baby outfits.

Source : Stuffs By Lara

It's difficult to resist to this one, the pink color is so cute.

Source : Stuffs By Lara

Let's bet that this model will be Dad's favorite model.

Source : Sew Stinkin Fabulous

What do you think of these colors?

Source : Bittles Boutique

A very soft teddy bear that your child will keep forever. It's so soft!

Source : Crazy Leggies

Stripes are fun, right?

Source : Grandma Gin Creations

In the comment section, share with us your ideas for keeping beautiful childhood memories ... our children are growing up too fast. How do you keep the photos? Did you keep something when your child was a baby ?

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