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Turn your old kitchen hutch into a fancy coffee bar at home!

Turn your old kitchen hutch into a fancy coffee bar at home!
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If you are wondering what to do with your old kitchen hutch - that might be out of style - people find the best way to give them a second life! They are creating DIY coffee bars at home! This is such a great idea to update your kitchen or dining room and recycle an old furniture item! And you might not want to go to the coffee shop anymore. It's a great way to store your coffee machine and pods. 

Take a look below for some amazing ideas.

A simple look with wood panels. 

Photo : Facebook MikenAngela Giordano

A farmhouse style coffee bar.

Photo : Pinterest

A very simple coffee bar that doesn't require a lot of change to your old hutch.

Photo : Crafty Morning

Another simple coffee bar!

Photo : Etsy

Wooden hutches make great coffee bars!

Photo : kinserhome

If you are feeling extra fancy - you can even add a chandelier!

Photo : mobelideen

A lovely all-white coffee bar.

Add a black chalk board to create a stylish coffee bar!

Do you like to have your morning coffee at home or to go?

Will you be updating your kitchen hutch?

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: Simply Home

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