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10 Beautiful ideas to decorate your entryway!

10 Beautiful ideas to decorate your entryway!
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The entryway is the first thing guests see when they come into our house. So we want this room to make a good impression and to be well decorated.

But this room is also THE room of the house that we use every day, so besides being well decorated, it must also be well organized ! This is very important !

A beautiful layout in the entryway can't be complete without a bench or a useful storage space, right ?

Here are 10 ideas to decorate and organize the entryway.

This idea is perfect for an apartment


This is perfect for a small apartment ! A small bench to store things, scarves, hats and slippers and a shelf to store gloves and tuques !

The antique house


A beautiful entryway for the family ! A large bench and storage spaces will be perfect to store shoes, hats, caps, coats ... !

With a blackboard


A beautiful blackboard and storage space for children ! Everything will be ready when they leave for school the next morning ! You can even write the important things on the blackboard !

With wooden pallet


A nice way to decorate the entryway ! Wooden pallets are so useful !

The farmhouse


BEAUTIFUL ! Beautiful lockers, baskets and family photos ! Psss ... did you notice the ceiling ?

For the big family


Here, everyone has a storage space ! This is so practical !

Country house


Wooden crates make a perfect shelf for boots and shoes ! A board and hooks to hang things, a second board is used to expose beautiful family photos !

The Shabby Chic entryway


A magnificent piece of furniture makes all the difference in the entryway !

With a sliding door

The sliding barn doors are very very trendy ! Look how beautiful it is !

Use a closet


Do you hate closet in entryway ? Anyway, it's always a real mess inside ! But you could use it to make a small bench, you can add hooks and baskets. Everything will be well organized !

Source: Imgur · Photo Credit: imgur

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