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10 cozy bedrooms that will help you decorate yours.

10 cozy bedrooms that will help you decorate yours.
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10 bedrooms

What style of bedroom do you like? Modern? Country-style? Medieval? Contemporary? Zen?

These bedrooms are beautiful and can even inspire you (why not); here are 10 bedrooms with different decorations. You can be inspired by colors, textures, furniture and decoration accessories!

How to choose one? They are all beautiful!

Take a look and enjoy!

Bedroom 1

I love the beams, and you? This room has an almost medieval atmosphere!

Bedroom 2

Do you like the Boho style? Intense colors create a young and vibrant atmosphere! The fabrics remind us of the colorful clothes of women in India.

Bedroom 3

How not to feel good in such a relaxing room? This kind of decoration reminds me of the houses by the sea. Don't you think?

Bedroom 4

This bedroom has a nice decoration with its four-poster bed. This decoration reminds us of country houses; warm, and perfect for the family! We like beams on the ceiling, don't you?

Bedroom 5

Romantic, isn't it? How to find the strength to leave such a beautiful room to go to work?

Bedroom 6

This Massachusetts home has subtle patterns that bring a nice touch to the decor. Note the mix of colors in this room, there are several and it's very pretty!

Bedroom 7

Eclectic but nice, right? It is certain that the fireplace brings a special touch to this room. This is very original, but it's still very pretty! I can imagine an artist living here.

Bedroom 8

Do you have wallpaper in your room? Don't you think it adds texture to a room? This one brings a nice contrast in the decoration of this room with a classic style.

Bedroom 9

Do you like natural materials like wood? A room that has a lot of wood is always beautiful, right?

Bedroom 10

Does your room have accent walls with a darker color? We could think that it would be too dark, but not at all; it adds a classic touch to the decor. On the other hand, you need furniture and accessories in lighter colors to balance everything.

Do you have a favorite room? Personally, it's impossible to choose one, I love them all! Feel free to leave me your thoughts.

Source: House beautifiul · Photo Credit: House beautiful

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