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10 natural Christmas decorating ideas

10 natural Christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas is approaching and many people are starting to think about the festivities and decorating ideas that may change their habits.

As nature is a trendy theme and brings zen and ecological aspect, it is a good idea to choose noble materials and not too expensive.

If you also want to opt for a vegetal Christmas, original and respecting the planet, here are 10 ideas for you!

Idea # 1: A table covered with vegetation

For a very original table decoration that is not too expensive, we use the daily white tableware. We invest in a beautiful natural linen tablecloth and we pick up branches broken by the wind in the forest, or we go to the florist to buy the branches at low prices!

Source: H & M

Idea # 2: A bright centerpiece with ivy

Make a centerpiece with a branch of ivy wrapped with a Christmas light. It's simple but very elegant.


Ideas # 3: Moss Table Mat

A moss table mat will add some magic to your Christmas table. A small branch of eucalyptus placed on the napkins or on the plates will also bring a simple but pleasant touch. A natural and scented decoration for a magical evening!

Source: Ikea

Ideas # 4: Wooden accessories

Combined with a vegetal decoration, wooden items will enhance the natural atmosphere of the place. Candlesticks, salad bowls, trays and mirrors, you can choose light or dark wood, it will be beautiful.

Source: H & M

Ideas # 5: Branches in a vase

Instead of filling your vases with bouquets, opt for conifer, eucalyptus or holly branches, which you can adorn with Christmas lights and monochrome decorations for a chic effect.

Source: Ikea

Ideas # 6: Brown paper gift packs

Wrap your gifts (ideally eco-friendly) in craft paper and add a small branch of eucalyptus, dark twine and an original pattern. Everyone will love it!

Source: Sostrene Grene

Ideas # 7: Pine cones hanging on the chandelier

Adorn your chandeliers with greenery, thanks to some branches and pine cones collected during a walk in the forest.

Source: Ikea

Ideas # 8: Wooden plates

With large wooden trays on the table, it's very natural, simple and friendly.

Source: H & M Home

Ideas # 9: Little Christmas trees on the plate

A christmas tree-shaped starter!

Source: Maisons du Monde

Ideas # 10: Garlands made of natural wood

In the Christmas tree, we prefer the noble materials, like this small Scandinavian style reindeer garland.

Source: Monoprix

Do these natural ideas make you want to decorate your home? In our opinion, it's a good way to go back to the Traditional Christmas, thanks to the materials, smells and textures that were used before, while adding a modern touch to the decor.

Source: Dé · Photo Credit: H&M

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