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10 things to make your bedroom cozier for the colder months!

10 things to make your bedroom cozier for the colder months!
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Winter is probably the least popular season for many people! Of course, there are the Holidays to cheer us up a little but besides that it can be a quite depressing season. There is the cold, snow, ice, lack of sunlight that can make winter last forever!

However, if you want to enjoy winter a little more this year, why not make your bedroom more comfortable and cozy? No need to break the bank! With only small modifications and decorations, you can really change the look of a room. A little more comfort and warmth will make you spend more time in your room, and let's bet you'll get better nights sleep!

Here are 10 ideas to make your bedroom more cozy. 

1. Yellow lights:

The lack of light during winter time can really affect our body, mood and sleep. To make that season a little less "dark"  install a set of yellow lights in your room. Opting for yellow lights over white will add some warmth to the bedroom.


2. Faux fur:

Faux fur is really cozy and welcoming, with a few accessories your bedroom will feel more comfortable this winter.



3. Colorful Rugs/Carpets 

If you like changing up the area rug in your bedroom, you should opt for a warm color during the winter time. It will really make the whole room more cozy and as a bonus, you won't have to walk on a cold floor when you wake up in the morning!


4. Memory foam mattress topper

You don't need a new mattress! To be more comfortable, you can buy a foam topper - a great excuse to spend more time in bed! 


5. Heated plush

If you are sleeping alone, did you think about getting a soft toy? How about a microwavable dinosaur? It will keep you warm during cold winter nights! Better than getting in a bad relationship. 


6. Bedroom curtains:

Curtains can add a decorative touch to any room but they also can cut the cold coming from the windows, especially when the outside temperature is freezing. 

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7. Heating blanket:

If you're the chilly type, you need to get an electric blanket! Imagine being snuggled up and watching TV in a warm blanket! No need to adjust the thermostat! 


8. Giant knitted blanket

How beautiful is this big knitted blanket. They will keep your warm and add a beautiful decorative touch to your bedroom and even living room. 


9. Candles

Probably the cheapest way to make your room more cozy! You can opt for a light and comforting scent such as lavender to make you sleep better. But do not forget to turn the candle off before sleeping. 


10. Cute draught excluder

Draft can really cool down a bedroom and make it more difficult to heat. And of course, heat loss will affect the electricity bill! To prevent drafts, there is a very simple solution. It consists of placing a door cushion in front of the door. If you don't have one, make one out of fabric and foam padding.


Are you ready for winter time? What is your favourite season?

Source: Buzz Ultra · Photo Credit: Etsy

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