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12 brilliant Christmas decorations ideas!

12 brilliant Christmas decorations ideas!
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This Christmas, we put aside the Christmas ornaments bought in stores and we make our original decorations!

For the holidays this year, give up inflatable snowmen and other expensive products from the stores. Let's create a magical and festive atmosphere, by recycling everyday objects or go buy stuff to your favorite craft shop!

And to inspire you, here are 12 interesting and original ideas!

Let's go now! Make your own Christmas ornaments!

1. Snowmen logs

Wood is a noble and ecological material, which brings a rustic and warm touch to every decorations. These snowmen are more resistant and sustainable than any plastic decoration!

source: Lorilee

2. A candy cane ... made of PVC pipe

Collect some of PVC pipes from your last work and make a giant candy cane with some white paint and some red ribbons! You can put it outside or inside the house. You can even add Christmas lights for an even more magical effect!

source: DIY Show Off

3. A light garland

Take a simple light garland and add foliage, bells, ribbons or bows and there you go! Wonderful!

You can hang it on a handrail, or make a table runner!

source:Creative Craft Love

4. Snowman candle holders

What a festive lighting! Let your creativity run wild!

source: Crafts for All Seasons

5. A cork wreath

Keep your corks and make a nice festive wreath !

source: Pinterest

6. A family of snowmen

Instead of throwing away your old chair legs, here's what you can do !

source: Pinterest

7. A centerpiece in a Christmas ball

Find glass or plastic jars of spherical shapes and decorate them with little shiny Christmas balls and colorful ribbons!

source: Pinterest

8. Snowman wreath

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do it:

9. A beautiful fence of gifts

Go to your workshop to make this beautiful decoration!

source: Pinterest

10. Characters made of wine glass

It's easy, super creative and really cute!

source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

11. A Christmas village tree

A ladder, natural or artificial branches of Christmas tree, houses and characters, and voila!

source: Pinterest

12. An original snowman

Stack 3 fish bowls, vases, ... Add the decorations of your choice!

source: Loretta James

We wish you a very, very happy holiday season, in the company of those you love more than anything, surrounded by your beautiful decorations made with love!

Source: Kithen Fun With My 3 Sons · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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