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12 great ways to use concrete blocks in your garden

12 great ways to use concrete blocks in your garden
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For some years now, we have seen good ideas to realize with concrete blocks !

And we find different ideas !

But I'm sure you're not ready to see what you're about to see ? !

All these ideas are really really different ! They are not very difficult to achieve, no. You can realize them very easily. But people had great ideas.

And you will want to replicate them, that's for sure !

Here are 12 great ways to use concrete blocks in your garden :

1) Use 2 concrete blocks to make a planter for your Succulent plants and cacti.

Source : Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage

2) Use concrete blocks to indicate your civic address and to decorate your entryway. Add succulent plants into the holes of the concrete blocks.

Source : Pam @Home on the Corner)

3) Painted wooden beams will make beautiful outdoor benches.

Source : Zest It Up

4) Add colorful cushions to decorate the bench.

Source : DJ Designs WA

5) Have you always dreamed of a wood-fired oven in your garden to cook the best Pizza in the world ? See all the steps of the construction !

Source : Nikki @Tikkido

6) The acrylic paint adheres very well on the concrete. Have fun !

Source : Design Improvised | Haeley Giambalvo

7) Stack concrete blocks and add the pots in the holes to make planters !

Source : Chandra

8) Pour cement inside your concrete blocks. Add stones to properly drain the water and plant succulent plants ! They need very little soil and water and they love the sun.

Source : Kathy @The Garden Glove

9) Make furniture. Benches and fire pit !

Source : Medina at Grillo Designs

10) Even a small terrace can have a small bench.

Source : Catherine D

11) All types of concrete blocks can be used.

Source : Timisha @Tool Box Divas

12) And finally, how to combine the useful to the pleasant. Make a "Potting Bench" where you can garden and use it as a planter.

Source : Timisha @Tool Box Divas

Do you like all these ideas ? Share them !

Source: hometalk · Photo Credit: Hometalk

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