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13 DIY Christmas decorations using old plastic bottles

13 DIY Christmas decorations using old plastic bottles
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Instead of spending money in stores to find original Christmas decorations, you can choose to save money and, what's more, to recycle in order to do your part for the planet.

For example, you can collect old plastic bottles to make unique creations out of them!

Here are 13 ideas to inspire you in your festive decorations. The effect in your home will be absolutely beautiful!

1. A colorful lantern

Bring color to your winter by cutting up soda bottles and using a little hot glue. Put in a small light bulb for a magical effect!

2. An original tree

Fill a bottle with liquid and some trinkets, stick a star on it and there you go!

3. A snowman

Use a little of everything you have on hand to create this charming snowman. Strips of fabric, pins, buttons, paint, cardboard ... Let your creativity flow!

4. Jolly penguins

By painting sections of soda bottles, you can make charming and colorful Nordic animals!

5. Snowflakes for the Christmas tree

Soda bottle bottoms already have a shape evoking snowflakes. Paint them and hang them on the tree!

6. A light garland

By cutting the top of a bottle and sliding the bulbs of a garland through the neck, we get a beautiful garland!

7. Pretty candle holders

Bottlenecks can also make charming candlesticks!

8. A green fir

Good scissors and a green plastic bottle, a long candle or a pipe and that's it!

9. A flamboyant wreath

Plastic bottles and golden spray paint. Awesome!

10. Snowglobes

A classic holiday season, very simple to make. Cut out bottles, decorate the inside, close. Superb!

11. A beautiful bell

What a pretty decoration!

12. Santa Claus's slippers

A cardboard shoe base, a cleverly cut up bottle and some fabric. Santa will want to take your decorations with him!

13. Elegant Christmas balls

By cutting strips in your plastic bottles, you can easily craft these pretty ornaments for your tree!

Source: Des idées · Photo Credit: capture d'écran - Facebook

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