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14 amazing ideas to reuse your old headboards.

14 amazing ideas to reuse your old headboards.
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Reuse your old headboards

You bought a new headboard and you do not know what to do with the old one?

Believe it or not, there is a recycling project for anything you want in your home, even for old headboards and footboards.

Even if you do not have an old bed to reuse, you can find one very cheap in garage sales, flea markets and make it something amazing and unique. You can also pick up old furniture from your grandparents.

Take a look at these projects.

Project 1

If you need a bulletin board for your workshop: a headboard or a footboard with bars is perfect for that, no matter if the bars are made of wood or metal. Once the base of the board has been created, simply add twine or wire to hang your pictures and other ideas and use mini clothespins to keep them all in place. This would also be perfect for a collage of family photos.

Project 2

Hang the coats on this old headboard that has been transformed!

Project 3

Why not hang your Christmas decorations on a red headboard!

 Project 4

A transformed headboard can be perfect to add some rustic decor to the porch or terrace. This would also make a really cute coat rack for the back entrance for jackets and backpacks. You could turn it into an apron holder for the kitchen; the possibilities are endless !

Project 5

This little bed for dog is adorable! This is made from a repurposed twin bed headboard and footboard and it’s really much easier to make than it looks. You can even make a pillow to cover it and make it more comfortable.

Project 6

I love gardening projects and this window box is definitely on my to do list for spring.

Project 7

You can also make a corner bench with a headboard.

Project 8

A headboard can become an original decoration.

Project 9

If you have a garden area that is fenced off, an old headboard makes the perfect rustic garden gate. You want to be sure that you match your headboard design to the rest of your garden area, so if your fence is metal, then a metal headboard would be a better idea.

Project 10

This swing was built with an old headboard.

Project 11

Turn that old headboard into a beautiful decorative shelf for the bathroom. Just a quick refinish (if necessary) and a few hooks are all you need to make a large towel rack and you can even add a board on the top to store some essential items.

Project 12

Can you believe this blackboard was made with a headboard?

Project 13

I love this entry bench made from a headboard and you?

Project 14

This quaint sign was made from an old wooden footboard. You could also add hooks and make a paper towel holder.

Favorite project

The project I like the most in this list is the shelf for the bathroom. Do you have a project that you particularly like?

Source: Diy n crafts · Photo Credit: Diy n crafts

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