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15 amazing DIY decorations made with Legos!

15 amazing DIY decorations made with Legos!
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If your kids are done playing with Legos or you simply love to create fun DIYs here are some ways to use them! You can integrate them quite easily into your home decor. In addition to being original decorative accessories, these little plastic bricks tell stories and nice memories. 

Here are 12 ideas to use Legos. 

1. Clock

Very simple to make, you will only need lock hands and your favourite Lego characters! You can also use numbers for a more "traditional" clock. 

2. Table

If you have a lot of Legos (and patience, let's be honest) it is totally possible to make a life-size Lego table!

3. Mirror

Original, but also a little messy ... :-) 

4. Chandelier

Be careful of the weight, so it doesn't fall on anybody's head.

5. Key Holder 

Very practical and original, a must have!

6. Love Sign

This DIY is for true Lego-Lovers only! All-white or colourful, what will you pick? 

7. Phone Holder 

Because your cellphone also deserves a little rest. ;-)

8. Toothbrush Holder 

Add a touch of colour to your bathroom!

9. Cables Organizer 

This little guy will take care of keeping your cables organized!

10. Flower Pot

Maybe it will finally make your husband like all of your succulents and flowers.

11. Lamp

Fill an empty lamp with your favourite colors of small plastic bricks.

12. Handkerchiefs

Just like a flowerpot, but for tissue boxes. 

Do you have a favourite? We like them all! 

Source: des idees · Photo Credit: des idees

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