Decoration : 15 creative ideas to give a totally new style to your bathroom
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15 creative ideas to give a totally new style to your bathroom

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Sometimes you don't need much to give a new style to a bathroom.

Painting and some accessories and voila!

Are you not sure what style you wan to give to your bathroom?

Here you'll find ideas that may help you make a choice about a particular style.

15 creative ideas to give a new look to your bathroom!

1) For a bathroom with a very zen and simple look, a small wooden stool, a pretty plant in a crumpled brown paper bag and a soap bar in a simple soap holder will be perfect.

2) Did you like the Zen style of the previous bathroom? So stools and plants are elements to keep in mind.

3) For a more chic decor, don't hesitate to add luxury on the counter of the bathroom.

4) Do you prefer rustic-looking decoration? Think of dark stained wood and wicker baskets.

5) The natural elements will also be perfect for this kind of decor.

6) You could also leave the products you use as decoration. There are so many beautiful products on the market.

7) A wooden tray on the counter adds a lot of charm to a bathroom.

8) The feathers.

9) Make your own toilet paper holder.

10) Do you prefer white color? It's a nice way to enlarge a small bathroom

11) You could even bleach a wooden tray. Apply white acrylic paint slightly diluted with water, to the wood and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. A beautiful way to create an antique look on the wood in white.

12) Apply a coat of white acrylic paint to the legs of a stool. Then apply 2 coats of acrylic varnish to protect the paint.

13) Wrought iron gives another style! Do you like it?

14) Add your products in an antique wooden dessert tray.

15) On a mirror tray, it's very chic!

After reading this, what is your opinion on these projects ? Please let us know in the comments section !

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