Decoration : 15 great ideas to optimize space in childrens' room.
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15 great ideas to optimize space in childrens' room.

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It's not everyone who can afford to have a playroom, because it means that you need an extra room in a house.

So if we want our children to have fun in their rooms, we must have enough space.

Here are 15 tips to optimize space in children's rooms!

A bunk bed with a work area and shelves are ideal for a child or a pre-teenager's room!

A retractable bed is even better! So the whole room becomes a playroom!

Placing the furniture along the walls can be very pretty if it's well decorated

See? By adding a lot of bright colors, we distract the attention and we don't see the furniture arranged in a strange way, but without decoration, would you dare place them like this? Probably not.

Even the youngest can have bunk beds, but in a smaller version.

This is a nice alternative to a bunk bed. 2nd floor in a room. And painted bars that look like horizontal blinds for more security.

Ask a carpenter to make a bed if you can't find a bed you like. The price may surpris you.

And go to the children's furniture stores to see all the new products on the market.

There are small treasures to furnish the children's rooms!

Some offer a lot of storage!

You will find many models for every styles.

And even bunk beds for 3 children!

Don't forget the cube storage at Ikea, they are always practical!

And platform are also very popular to gain space.

For children and teenagers' bedroom.

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