Decoration : 16 colorful ideas to transform your backyard with beautiful wooden pallets.
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16 colorful ideas to transform your backyard with beautiful wooden pallets.

Decorate your garden incredibly without spending too much!

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Standing out by decorating a garden with wooden pallets is easy!

But if you also push the note by coloring these palettes with bright colors! The! You will surprise your neighbors and your guests!

They will say: WOW! So creative! And moreover, it's beautiful!

Dare to be colorful!

Add life to your garden!

In this post, you will find 16 very inspiring ideas for fantastic furniture all made from pallet wood! In addition, they painted them in bright colors!

NOTE: You will be able to find wooden pallets as used items on the net for less than $5 to $10 each. Do not forget that MB treated pallets are not recommended in the house. Use them instead to make outdoor furniture. In the house we recommend the HT treated pallets. The treated pallets have a very visible inscription on the wood. Remember, it is strictly forbidden to take wooden pallets that are sometimes seen on the side of the street outside businesses. These wooden pallets are left there in order to be retrieved by a transport company for reuse. Taking them is considered theft.

Matching colored fence and garden bins are much more eye catching than beige and brown!

This garden furniture is so inviting !! We could spend hours lounging there!

Make beautiful and colorful planters!

One color per piece of furniture! Simple and stylish!

All in pink! Accent with colored cushions!

Even for the small corner of a vegetable garden! Just a touch of blue can add happiness to your day!

How beautiful!!

Liven up a bland brick wall!

Perfect colors for children!

We immediately feel like taking a long break ...

Children's picnic table!

Magnificent! What style!

The most beautiful sandbox I've ever seen!

My favorite area to relax!!

This planter adds color to a balcony! It’s wonderful!

And finally, a beautiful seating set painted in blue, gray and green!

Have you ever done something similar ? If so, share the pictures of your projects with us in the comments section! 

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