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20 beautiful terracotta pot creation inspirations for the holidays

20 beautiful terracotta pot creation inspirations for the holidays
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You have no idea how many things can be created with just a simple clay pot! And for the holidays, it's the ideal material; solid and warm.

Whether decorating your home for Christmas or making gifts with your kids that they can offer to their teachers or family members, these pots are a great idea! Daycare educators will also find inspiration here to organize hands-on craft workshops with the little ones they care for.

Take a look at the pictures below to help you imagine economical, colorful and sustainable creations ...

1. Unique place cards

When Santa Claus gets stuck in the chimney, that's always a good laugh! Add the name of each of your guests to each ornament and now you have very nice place cards!

source: Crafts by Amanda

2. A Christmas train

This little train is so cute! You can put candy or small holiday flowers for a magical effect.

Source: Pinterest

3. Snowmen

With the small terracotta pots from the discount store, you can create beautiful snowmen, to place on a hutch or hang in the tree.


4. Gingerbread candy jars

These little gingerbread characters are too cute! Filled with treats, they are irresistible!

source: Pinterest

5. Christmas trees

This idea is simple yet so great all at the same time!

Source: Home Depot

6. A snowman cookie jar

A terracotta pot, a round container with lid. A few ornaments and voila! The perfect cookie jar for the holiday destivities!

source: Pinterest

7. Beautiful Santa Claus

Or, you can choose to create the 3 wise men (Magi)!

source: Country Keepsakes

8. A family of snow-people!

source: One Creative Mommy

9. The cutest of angels

Shall we put it on the tree?

source: Flower Pot Crafts

10. A reindeer ornament

Rudolf always steals everyone's hearts!

source: dollar store crafts

11. A modern-day Christmas tree

A unique decoration, out of the ordinary.

source: Crafting & Cardigans

12. A little toy soldier

He will take you to The Nutcracker!

source: About Christmas Crafts

13. The Nutcracker - outdoor version

Bigger pots? Bigger decorations!

Source: Indulgy

14. The Grinch!

Because yes, we do love the Grinch!

Source: Etsy

15. The cute penguin

Isn't he just too cute?

source: Flower Pot Crafts

16. Gingerbread sweethearts!

Love is such a beautiful thing, especially during the holidays!

source: Pinterest

17. Saint Nicholas and his Christmas tree

Quite nice, isn't it?

source: Craft Ideas

18. Bright snowman

This can also be used as a candy jar, if it's not lightened-up.

source: Eva's Scraps N 'Cards

19. A skinny snowman!

He' quite stylish this one!

source: One Creative Mommy

20. Candy jars for the occasion

You can also plant poinsettias!

source: Dimples and Tangles

Have these photos motivated you to create some unique and fun projects for the holidays?

Source: The Keeper of the Cheerios · Photo Credit: PInerest

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