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20 charming inspirations to decorate your evenings with floating candles

20 charming inspirations to decorate your evenings with floating candles
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Here are 20 great ideas to add some color and brightness to the decoration of your table. Simply with water, essential oils to perfume the atmosphere and decorative elements that can match the themes of your choice.

Use flower petals, flowers, pretty leaves, ferns, stones or seashells. Or even fruits, pebbles and lights!

There is no limit to this type of decor. You just need to have an idea and then mix the colors and fragrances!

Here are 20 beautiful ideas to decorate your parties with floating candles:

1) In a large and shallow vase, add flower-shaped candles in clear water. And perfume the water with the essential oil of your favorite flower ... So easy.

2) In a glass bowl, add water, ivy leaves or the kind of leaf of your choice, pearls reused from a broken necklace, even if they are fake pearls, especially! If they are fake pearls ... Add some rose essential oil and a floating candle. Place the bowl on a bouquet of freshly cut roses.

3) Melt tealights in a saucepan, tak the wicks and place them in oyster shells. Then pour the wax into the shells.

4) Add vanilla essential oil, stones in the bottom of vases and put a simple flowers in each vase.

5) You never know what to do with the seashells you bring back from your travels. These candles would be perfect on the edge of a bathtub in a bathroom with a seaside decor.

6) White stones and ferns give a very Zen decor! Perfect for the teak terrace!

7) Just twigs in long vases. Place the vases in front of small candles for a wonderful light effect.

8) To add colors during the Christmas holidays!

9) For the apple season!

10) A baby shower for a girl ... do the same thing in blue for a boy. Or a neutral color if you don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl. Or if the parents do not want to assign such colors to their child.

11) For thanksgiving.

12) The mirrors make magnificent lighting effects with the light of the flames!

13) White light, glass pebbles and blue flower petals for a magical atmosphere!

14) WOW! This is so easy !

15) Even artificial roses can be very nice !

16) But real roses will always be more beautiful ...

17) A remarkable mix. Blue, purple orchyd and the orange color of a flame ...

18) For a wedding, it's perfect!

19) White light under a flower will always have a fascinating effect!

20) Get your old Christmas ornaments, to make a trendy centerpiece!

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