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20 creative ideas to make a terrarium

20 creative ideas to make a terrarium
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This kind of decoration is perfect for growing succulent plants!

These plants grow in very few amount of soil, and have the ability to thrive on limited water sources, and love the sun. A bit like the cactus.

So all these ideas are ideal for this kind of plants.

And you will see with these 20 wonderful ideas, that there are many different species of succulents!

Would you like to do yours?

Take inspiration from these beautiful models to make your choice.

Here are 20 creative ideas to create a homemade terrarium:

1) Pebbles and moss will make a big difference in your Mason jar terrarium!

2) Add rope for a more finished decoration and so adorable!

3) Hang the pots to grow the Air Plants. You will find more details about these plants below in description.

4) The different layers are very nice!

5) Mason jars painted white, it's quite charming!

6) In glasses, you had to think about it!

7) In a glass of wine! Very original

8) Beach sand and seashells

9) You can make this kind of terrarium by adding different layers to expose beautiful colors: Gravel, pebbles, rock dust, sand, soil, moss and plants.

10) Add battery operated LED fairy lights.

11) Get a large pickle jar, pierce the lid

12) You can even grow leafy plants

13) A beautiful mix, cactus and Succulent plants

14) These plants are called Air Plants. They do not need soil to survive, they can even be glued to seashells with glue for plant and simply spray water once a week. They are for sale on the Internet.

15) Notice the colored sand layers

17) In Mason jars

18) In a glass coffee pot

19) With succulent plants from Ikea

20) In a light bulb!

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