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20 different ways to decorate the house with signs made of old boards!

20 different ways to decorate the house with signs made of old boards!
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Barn wood, hemlock, wooden pallet and boards recycled from old furniture are perfect for making signs to decorate the walls of our homes.

Would you like to make some too ? So you have to see all these wonderful ideas ! Enjoy !

Here are 20 creative ways to decorate the home with signs made from old boards :

1) It is easy to fix boards together.

Then you can stain the wood and paint the letters using a stencil and acrylic paint.

2) Add hooks to make your wood sign useful in the kitchen ! This is a very good idea !

3) Glue artificial foliage with a hot glue gun. WOW ! Very nice !

4) Even deformed boards have a lot of character.

5) Use them to remember important dates

6) Apply paint with a dry cloth for an 'old wood' effect

7) Glue some rope to make the word LOVE, use a hot glue gun

8) White acrylic paint on a dark wood stain gives a very nice contrast

9) Gradients of green to darker blues are also very beautiful on the wood. This is a great idea !

10) The combination of wood and metal again !

11) The mix of wood, white and turquoise! A mix almost as popular as the mix of wood and metal !

12) Make montages with items that you like ! Wood, glass, and iron objects !

13) The stencils will help you with the inscriptions if you have trouble painting the letters.

14) The old hinges and old tools can be used to hang up your signs.

15) Use your imagination and imagine all kinds of signs, logos, or symbols ...

16) Or keep it simple ...

17) And replicate ideas that you find on the Internet. Like the ones you see here  . . . So easy to make !

18) And just play with the colors to match the colors of your decor.

19) You will have fun and will be able to decorate your house ! 

20) Another idea and a video tutorial :

Have fun!

Source: inspideco · Photo Credit: inspideco

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