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20 great ideas to inspire you to create a dining area in the garden

20 great ideas to inspire you to create a dining area in the garden
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The summer season is too short and everyone likes to make the most of their garden on weekends or evenings.

That's why the majority of people will install a dining area in their garden to be able to eat and spend more time outside, including their evenings.

Are you interested in this kind of project, but you do not know what kind of decoration you want for your garden ?

See these 20 beautiful ideas, and you can make a choice !

Here are 20 great ideas to inspire you to create a dining area in the garden :

1) If you prefer shade rather than sun, a pergola made of bamboo will add a very exotic style to your garden! And this style of Pergola fits wonderfully with antique or modern furniture.


2) An antique style table in a garden will always be very romantic !

Source :Shanty-2-chic

3) Antique furniture are perfect for old houses !


4) There is always a way to build a pergola ! Add lighting and a simple base will look fantastic !

Source :thecreatedhome

5) Once treated against insects, a pergola made of tree branches is very refreshing and gives a unique style to a garden.

Source :lanacion

6) The colored fabrics are beautiful in a garden!

Source :sofissecrets1

7) For a more simple and zen decor, wood and white curtains.

Source :mrkate

8) If you like water, a table like this will be perfect for you !

Source :themsfly

9) Only wood and nature!

Source :decoist

10) Arrange your dining area, according to your style!

Source :decoist

11) More and more people will also set up a kitchen countertop near the Grill and BBQ.

Source :bhg

12) Reusing old furniture is great !

Source :housebeautiful

13) A nice countertop inside the house!

Source :

14) This is beautiful, isn't it? Imagine having this decor every day in your garden.

Source :

15) Do you like to mix materials ? Here we can notice wood, metals and straw.

Source :

16) Green and ivory. So beautiful !

Source :

17) With wire tied from the ground to the roof of the house, it is possible to make a 'wall' of climbing plants.

Source :

18) Flowers to decorate a pergola ! There is nothing more romantic !

Source :

19) For all these beautiful colors ... Notice how the turquoise furniture is perfect among these brightly colored flowers !

Source :

20) And finally, a little space for two to spend a good evening ...

Source : donnacreativa

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