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20 ways to reuse furniture to create a kitchen island

20 ways to reuse furniture to create a kitchen island
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Have you always dreamed of having a kitchen island ?

Space allows you to build one, but your cabinets are old and you are afraid of not finding the same color of wood because they have a little discolored over time ?

So, build your own kitchen island from an old piece of furniture ! Your kitchen will have even more style if your kitchen island stands out !

Here are 20 creative ways to make a kitchen island from furniture of all kinds:

1) A wooden plank, large moldings, the big table legs of an old table and barn wood boards will make one of the most beautiful kitchen island ever seen!

2) Do you know someone who knows how to work with wood? This base will accommodate the surface of your choice!

3) It's crazy what a good sanding and quality paint can do! The transformation is amazing!

4) By recovering cabinet doors, you can make awesome kitchen islands!

5) By leaving an empty space under a kitchen island, the lunch countertop will be much more comfortable.

6) A living room furniture makes a perfect kitchen island, once transformed!

7) Adding light in the kitchen island is also a great idea.

8) Collect an old table and fix an old door is a wonderful idea to make a very original kitchen island.

9) Shelves brackets, a board of your choice, castors and a good paint! The drawers will be very useful for extra storage in the kitchen!

10) An old tin basin to do the laundry has a lot of charm! Add a tray under the basin and an old board on top and this kitchen island will be perfect for a small kitchen!

11) Here is a simple model to achieve!

12) And another one . . .

13) Here is a beautiful way to transform a kitchen island! This is simple, but beautiful!

14) Just some paint, and wooden boards on top!

15) This old piece of furniture is beautiful once painted!

16) The furniture with particular shapes are very interesting to use for a kitchen island! Go to the flea markets and antique shops!

17) Take advantage of your kitchen island to make a huge lunch counter!

18) Even a desk can make a beautiful kitchen island!

19) Ikea storage cubes will also be very useful!

20) You could even transform the top of a dresser ! Use chicken wire to replace door glass!

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