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21 Christmas decorations to make with wine bottles!

21 Christmas decorations to make with wine bottles!
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Every week you put bottles of wine in the recycling bin without even thinking about what you could do with these beautiful glass bottles?

But how about giving them a second life by creating beautiful Christmas decorations?

21 Christmas decoration ideas to do with wine bottles!

1) Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to paint the bottle. Protect the paint with a matt or semi-glossy varnish. Black pompoms to make the face and buttons, black felt for the hat and Christmas items for the rest of the decoration.

2) Same technique as the first idea for the paint, but add white string lights to illuminate the bottle of wine!

3) Take felt and polyester fiber to decorate bottles and make little Christmas elves.

4) Use Mod Podge to fix string on a bottle

5) Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to paint the bottles in white, then use Mod Podge to put the bottles in Epsom salt or coarse salt.

6) Use a stencil to paint the letters in red

7) A square of red felt rolled and glued with Tacky Glue to make the hat!

8) Foam brush, acrylic paint, artists' paintbrushes and acrylic varnish

9) Use self-adhesive letters or self-adhesive film and a stencil of letters

10) Pour acrylic paint IN bottles for a lustrous finish!

11) Mod Podge and colored strings: red, black, green and brown.

12) Fake beard, logs and felt

13) Mod Podge, string, wooden letters, red acrylic paint and semi-glossy acrylic lacquer

14) Foam brush, red acrylic paint, artists' paintbrushes, various colors of acrylic paint, glossy acrylic lacquer.

15) Spray frosted glass paint on the bottles!

16) Foam brush, acrylic paint, matte acrylic lacquer, Mod Podge and twine

17) Mod Podge and red string

18) Do you knit or crochet? This one is for you!

19) Only raffia, white string lights and Christmas star decorations! And it's beautiful!

20) Paint or cover with string or wool!

21) All these ideas are far too complicated for you?

So just put multicolor fairy lights in green bottles and the effect is really surprising!

Or with white lights!

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