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6 projects that prove that with a simple stencil we can achieve magnificent transformations

6 projects that prove that with a simple stencil we can achieve magnificent transformations
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Not everyone is good at painting. On the other hand, when you know how to use a stencil and have a nice wooden furniture, we can do very nice transformations when we have some imagination ! And it is precisely because many people have some imagination and it is when they grab the paintbrush or the pencil that everything is wasted, that's why the stencils have been invented !

If you too have this little problem with paint, take advantage of all these wonderful stencils found in DIY stores now !

You will need :

- A cleaning brush

- Clean rags

- Water

- One or more stencils

- Solid adhesive tape or bulletin board pins

- Acrylic paint or oil paint depending on the surface you want to cover

- A stencil brush

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How to do :

1) Scrub the wood surface with a cleaning brush to remove any dirt or old paint on the wood that could ruin your stencil.

2) Wet the rags and wash the wooden surface with water and allow to dry completely.

3) Secure the stencil (s) in place so they do not move while you apply the paint with the stencil brush. A moving stencil could ruin all the work.

4) Remove the stencil (s) right away, being careful not to touch the paint. Lift the stencils upwards, do not pull them on the sides.

Here are 6 beautiful transformations that everyone can do with beautiful stencils !

1) A wooden deck transformed with a giant Mandala stencil.

2) A wooden chest of drawers transformed with a swallows stencil.

3) An old chest transformed into a coffee table thanks to a stencil with abstract flowers.

4) A wooden circle turned into a giant clock with a stencil of Roman numerals.

5) A coffee table beautifully transformed thanks to a beautiful Mandala stencil.

6) And an old wooden chest of drawers transformed into Asian furniture thanks to an Asian stencil !

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Source: DIYCraftsTV · Photo Credit: DIYCraftsTV

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