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8 furniture transformations that you will love for sure

8 furniture transformations that you will love for sure
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Do you have furniture at home that looks old and useless! Well this article could make you change your mind!

Here are some owners who have decided to turn their old furniture into something beautiful!

Long live recycling!

Bench - Before

Here is a bench that looks very comfortable, but which would need a small transformation!

Bench - After

Here are two wonderful ways to transform this bench that is a bit old fashioned! You just need to paint the structure and cover the cushion! A real transformation!

Headboard - Before

Do not know what to do with your old headboard? Do not think about throwing it away! On the contrary, think of recycling it into something more useful!

Headboard - After

By combining the headboard and the foot of the bed, here is what you can get: a bench! And again, it is possible to customize it according to your taste! Really great!

Piano - Before

This old piano was surely used to make some wonderful music in the past, but I think it's not the case today!

Look how it was transformed today!

Piano - After

Well why not turn it into a beautiful bar? That's what this piano owner did! What a great idea!

Buffet - Before

I think you will agree with me! This old buffet would need a new life!

Buffet - After

What a beautiful way to hide a radiator! By transforming the buffet, they removed the base by keeping the top to make a storage! It's really beautiful! What do you think?

Bathtub - Before

You will see that this transformation is really original! This bathtub was unusable! See what the owners have done!

Bathtub - After

Yes, they turned the bathtub into a beautiful retro style sofa! Isn't it amazing?

Wardrobe - Before

If the wardrobe in your room starts to go out of fashion, it's enough to turn it into another piece of furniture ...

Wardrobe - After

Here's what the owners have done: a buffet for the kitchen! They only had to change the windows of the furniture and paint it! It's really very pretty!

Furniture - Before

Your old bedroom furniture could be used for something else! Look at the next picture!

Furniture - After

Yes, you guessed it, they transformed the furniture of their room into a beautiful vanity! What a great idea!

Wardrobe - Before

Here is another wardrobe that needs a little transformation! Look what the owners have done!

Wardrobe - After

They have indeed transformed it into a beautiful office! It's so good!

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