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A handyman teaches us how to transform IKEA furniture with wooden pallets!

A handyman teaches us how to transform IKEA furniture with wooden pallets!
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When Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in 1947, did he suspect that 80 years later, people would exchange so much tips to transform furniture sold in his stores?

In the last few years, it is trendy to change either the function or the look (or both) of furniture from Swedish store.

And we love all these transformations ! These fairly affordable and resistant pieces of furniture offer great possibilities to creative people who want to add a touch of originality to their decor.

And to change the look of furniture, there is not only paint or stain! Wood (including wooden pallet ) is also very useful. And this, even on wooden furniture!

Do you want to "transform" your IKEA shelf or table (or a furniture from another store)? Here are 20 inspiring ideas for you!

1. An inexpensive TV stand with and industrial-style

source: bidouillesikea

2. Wood adds a lot of character to this white KALLAX furniture

source: Pinterest

3. This small desk is really cute and will be the most beautiful furniture of the room

source: ikeahackers

4. This small table will be perfect in your living room

source: meganelisediy

5. A modern and practical bed

source: funnpics

6. Your dining room needs this dresser

source: placeofmytaste

7. A simple TV stand

source: homedit

8. This coffee table will be perfect with any country style interiors

source: cityfarmhouse

9. Simply add a wooden pallet horizontally at the back of this bookshelf ! It makes all the difference !

source: Pinterest

10. These little tables with casters are so cute !

source: Pinterest

11. You need a desk like this in your house ! And nobody will know it comes from IKEA ...

source: Pinterest

12. This dining table has a completely different style with a little paint !

source: Mommy's Tool Belt

13. This console table is really nice ! Everybody will love it !

source: Pinterest

14. An easy transformation to do, but effective

source: Classy Cutter

15. This coffee table is really original


16. The mix of black paint and wood gives a luxurious look to this really simple little table

source: Pinterest

17. A vintage style furniture that will everybody will like

source: dateing

18. What a beautiful coffee table!


19. This piece of furniture made with wooden pallets, makes all the difference in your living room

source: hacklesikea

20. In this video, watch how a man transforms a simple IKEA shelf with wooden pallet

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