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A student takes her dog to college and builds him a bedroom in the closet!

A student takes her dog to college and builds him a bedroom in the closet!
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Betsy Redfern has had the same best friend since elementary school: her little chihuahua named Cupid. When it was time for Redfern to go to college, she couldn't leave without her beloved pup, so Cupid also moved. But the best part, her BFF got his own little room that he gets to share with Caru, Redfern's other pet! 

She created the pet's nest in an extra closet attached to her bedroom and since it's the holiday season, she wanted to give the little pets a bit of the festive spirit so she got them their very own Christmas tree! You have to see the pictures below, so adorable! 

Betsy Redfern and her friend Cupid. We understand why she couldn't leave him, so cute!

Photo : Betsy Redfern

Look at Cupid's room! The bed is and old doll bed, the bedding and curtains were handmade by Betsy's mom. The lucky pup even has its clothes on hangers! Caru the little turle has it's own space on the self. 

Photo : Betsy Redfern

The tiny Christmas tree! We hope the pets have that holiday spirit now. 

Photo : Betsy Redfern

Cupid seems to really enjoy his little bed and Christmas tree. What a lucky little dog!

Photo : Betsy Redfern

Do you have any holiday tradition with your pet? It's not too late to start one this year!

Source: the dodo · Photo Credit: the dodo

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