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After seeing how useful it can be, you will want a kitchen trolley too !

After seeing how useful it can be, you will want a kitchen trolley too !
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12 uses for RASKOG cart!

Do you like IKEA furniture? Maybe you have some in your home or maybe you do not like these at all? However, one thing is certain; the IKEA RASKOG cart is very useful around the house!

I admit that I had not really paid attention to this kitchen trolley until I realized how useful it could be in all the rooms of the house, or almost every rooms!

Take a look ; these pictures may make you want to buy one at the store! I really like this kitchen trolley !


First idea

If your kitchen cabinets overflow and you need a place to store other food or kitchen stuff; did you think about RASKOG? You could also put the things for your children's breakfast!

Second idea

You could also use the RASKOG to store cooking utensils. Why not?

Third idea

The RASKOG cart could also serve as a mini bar! If you have plenty of space in your home, maybe this idea is not for you but if you live in a small condo or a small house, the RASKOG cart can be very useful to store bottles and drinks. This is a great idea.

Fourth idea

Another good idea! The cart can be used to store craft supplies! And it's very practical because the cart has wheels!

Fifth idea

The cart is also practical to store sewing supplies!

Sixth idea

I know some women who would love to have this RASKOG cart to store cosmetics and hair products!

Seventh idea

The cart can be useful for storing some bathroom stuff! Store the toilet paper, some towels, and stuff like that!

Eighth idea

So cute! The cart is very useful to store small shoes and baby clothes !

Ninth idea

Here is the station to store the lunch boxes and objects necessary for the children's lunch !

Tenth idea

You can use the cart as a small occasional furniture!

Eleventh idea

The cart is perfect for storing your small plants and succulent plants!

Twelfth idea

What do you think of the idea of storing some books in the cart? Admit that this cart is very useful! I hope these ideas will be useful in your home!

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Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House beautiful

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