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Amaze your guests with some of these DIY Christmas decorations!

Amaze your guests with some of these DIY Christmas decorations!
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We are never tired of homemade decorations! They are so in the spirit of Christmas! They also help to counter the overconsumption, while bringing warm, life and love in the house!

It's not complicated, you just need some materials and creativity! Take the time to look at these sumptuous ideas, to inspire you in your winter DIY. During the cold days of November you can make decorations for December!

1. Pallet Christmas tree

Take some wood pallets to make beautiful Christmas trees, which can adorn your home or bring a festive, but natural aspect, to your outdoors.

source: Wild Flowers & Pistols

2. Santa logs

Do not put those ones in the fireplace!

source: Smart Girls DIY.

3. Christmas balls on the wall

If you have a tool to cut wood, you can make these beautiful Christmas balls to adorn your walls. They have a nice modern style!

source: Pinterest

4. Flip flop decoration!

Get old flip flop in the appropriate colors or buy some at discount stores. We can find some for $ 2 a pair! Original!

source: Flip Flop Daisy

5. Wooden reindeers

A completely natural decoration !

source: Pinterest

6. Giant Christmas light balls!

The chicken wire will allow you to achieve this spectacular decoration. All your neighbors will be jealous!

source: Christmas Lights Etc

7. A stand for Christmas stockings

Get a piece of stairs, or cut some pieces of wood in your workshop to have a solid stand!

source: Dukes & Duchesses

8. Festive Faces

Turn your pot lids into a Snowman or Santa Claus using paint and embellishments….love it!

source: Pinterest

9. Pool noodle wreath!

Stick two pool noodles together, with strong tape (duct tape) and glue colorful balls! Wow!

source: Sweet Pickins Furniture

10. A corner Christmas tree

That one, your cat will not destroy it? Use wood pallets to make this beautiful Christmas tree!

source: Pinterest

11. A reindeer head

No animals were harmed! Cardboard, artificial foliage, pine cones and that's it!

source: Good Housekeeping

12. A sliding staircase

Decorate a handrail with cotton wool, fabric, etc. and make stuffed animals like penguins, polar bears, "slide" !

source: Pinterest

13. A snowman made of plastic cups

Do you have a lot of plastic cups? Use them to make a nice snowman, in which you will add a light!

source: Wonderful DIY

14. Snowman shutters!

Take old shutters to create these beautiful characters!

source: Pinterest

15. Hooks for Christmas stockings

Here is another interesting way to install your Christmas stockings!

source: Pinterest

16. Giant Christmas balls!

This is the second life you can give to your old tires!

source: Addicted to DIY

17. Wood pallet

Yes, we can do everything with wood pallet !

source: Making it in the Mitten

18. Log snowmen

Beautiful painted logs, winter clothes and that's it!

source: Hip to Save

19. Window ornaments

It's as beautiful from the inside as from the outside!

source: Pinterest

20. Bowling pin characters

Penguins, snowman, elf ... This is so cute!

source: Pinterest

Source: Kithen Fun With My 3 Sons · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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