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An artist transforms ugly eyesores in the city into true works of art and these are truly on the top.

An artist transforms ugly eyesores in the city into true works of art and these are truly on the top.
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Tom Bob is an artist that many known from many parts of the world.

The man (well, we believe it to be a man) transforms ugly urban property objects into true works of art, from New York to Dubai.

He does not just live in the city, he transforms the community into a better place in which to live.

He customizes the world! Cities over the world have now become his playground.

There is nothing he cannot do! He once transformed a pipe into an ant-eating aardvark or a fire hydrant in Princess Leia.

While Tom Bob mainly creates his creations in the city he lives, New York, he has also transformed objects in Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and several other cities around the world.

He's a true genius! We should be seeing more of his work cropping-up in town!

His works are so fascinating that we truly hope he won't ever be stopped by the police!

1. This artwork was seen in California.

2. A pink flamingo seen in Massachusetts.

3. It's no longer an ugly pipe, it's an outstanding saxophone player!

4. Two snakes in love in Taiwan.

5. A very comical piece found in Dubai.

6. A big ant-eating aardvark in New York.

7. In Dubai, a bird is watching you. In English, we say that it'sthe eye in the sky, a play on words to make you smile.

8. In Taiwan, boats must catch a frog in port.

9. Rat-at-at-at-at in Taiwan (at least this one is silent).

10. Here is the very popular Princess Leia.

11. Crabs trying to escape.

12. Do not forget to brush your teeth!

13. The bird has finally regained its freedom ...

14. A thought-provoking representation of global warming in Miami!

15. Little guys training to stay in shape in Los Angeles.

16. It's a bloodbath! A work seen in Taiwan ...

17. The key to my heart ...

18. An absolutely astounding false shadow; would you have noticed it?

These works make you want to get your own city to invest in crayons and paint in order for us to get our turn at having our city transformed! It's incredible how such artwork can completely transform the urban landscape.

Get your paintbrushes!

Source: Bored Panda · Photo Credit: Tom Bob

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