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Bring a unique touch to your decor with furniture and objects that have been transformed.

Bring a unique touch to your decor with furniture and objects that have been transformed.
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Make your guests talk by having different furniture and accessories in your decor.

Do you have old furniture in your house that you would like throw away ? Wait to see the following examples of transformations because you could be inspired to give a second life to your furniture.

Some projects are very simple to make and you will bring a different touch to your decor.

Are you curious to see more ?

Take a look !

First idea

This stool has become a storage space on wheels that will be practical in any home !

Second idea

Can we make a bench with an old headboard ? Yes! Here is the proof and it is quite pretty !

Third idea

What if we could do the same thing with old chairs ? Tadam !

Fourth idea

Reuse an old door, the result can be amazing !

Fifth idea

This furniture was built with old folding doors !

Sixth idea

A desk can be transformed into a nice piece of furniture for the entrance !

Seventh idea

We often find this idea with old drawers, but it's different and original in a decor, don't you think ?

Eighth idea

This bookcase is amazing ! This is actually an old piano that has been hung on a wall ! Wow!

Ninth idea

I love the idea of reusing an old glass door and add photos.

Tenth idea

There comes a time when we do not know what to do with our old baby bed. The desk, which you see on the right picture, was made with an old baby bed !

Eleventh idea

A headboard makes a great and original coat rack !

Twelfth idea

I love this idea! By fixing chairs on a wall, they can eventually become a storage space! You had to think about it !

Thirteenth idea

I have the same old file cabinet at home and I always wondered what I could do with it! I think I just found the new function of my furniture. I love this idea to store garden tools !

I hope that these ideas inspire you !

Source: Des idées · Photo Credit: Des idées

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