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Can you believe that this house was built with 2 containers?

Can you believe that this house was built with 2 containers?
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Magic is bound to happen when you combine two sustainable architectural powerhouses. Such is the case of this elegant modular home we are visiting today.

In collaboration with Studio 101 Designs and construction company Blazer Industries, Michelle Kaufmann Studio wanted to create a modern, energy efficient house that makes full use of the space confinements provided with two shipping containers.

This house is in California and is stunning with its exterior and interior design!

Enjoy the visit!


Some gifts are wrapped in bows; this Northern California home is enveloped by its lush railed fences.


As you begin to unwrap this lovely gift, you should take the time to appreciate the finesse in its construction. The clear cedar siding completes its aesthetic and produces a contemporary ambience.

SImple house

Whether you want to enter this house from the front, the back or the side entrance, you will be surprised by the interiors as soon as you're inside!

Open-plan rooms

You know what I mean? In order to create the illusion of a larger space, Michelle Kaufmann Studio and co. chose to experiment with high ceilings, open-plan rooms, large windows and doors, to let in natural lighting.

Living room

The floor, made with strand woven bamboo, harmonizes with the gleaming white hues of the house. Don't forget that you visit a house built, with two containers!


It's not because a house is modern that it can't have storage!


As you can see, even a narrow hallway can be embellished with practicality in mind. Make sure to check the portraits and books while crossing this one! Is there enough storage for you?


Mirrors can really liven up a room. The bathroom of this house is no exception with this mirror storage. You can see the huge vanity and the amazing glass shower.

That's not all!

This bathroom surprises us even more; it is spacious enough to fit a shower and a bathtub. You will notice soon, they have been decorated with contrasting tiling patterns.

A nice mix!

Unfortunately we don't have pictures of the bedroom, but the rest of the house shows you that this house doesn't look like 2 shipping containers at all! It is modern, spacious and well designed!

Would you live in a house like this?

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