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Create beautiful decorations by recycling an old sweater

Create beautiful decorations by recycling an old sweater
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The holiday season has already begun and many people want to find an original way to decorate their home.

No need to spend a fortune. The Tip Hero website offers an original way to create decorations by recycling an old sweater.

Thus, your old sweater can be converted into a candle case. A great winter decoration that you can keep your home or offer as a gift.

The project was created by blogger Christine Kobzeff.

Christine Kobzeff


- Old sweaters that you want to cut

- Scissors

- Hot glue

- Candlesticks or glasses

How to do:

1. Cut the sleeves of the sweaters at shoulder height.

2. Slide the sleeve over your glass or candlestick.

Christine Kobzeff

3. Cut the excess. Leave an inch and a half inches of fabric to cover the bottom of your candlestick.

4. Upside down the candlestick so that its bottom is above. Pinch the excess fabric to obtain four loops. Cut the excess on both sides again to obtain small triangles of fabric.

Christine Kobzeff

5. Stick each triangle under the candlestick, being careful that everything is smooth, without folds or bubbles.

6. Flip your glass. You can stick the top of the fabric to the edges of the glass or leave it as it is.

Christine Kobzeff

Here you go!

Review the following steps in the video below:

Source: · Photo Credit: Christine Kobzeff

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