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Discover the original interior of this house built inside a sand dune!

Discover the original interior of this house built inside a sand dune!
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When we think of a dream house on the edge of the beach, we certainly don't think of a house that is built inside a sand dune!

The next pictures may make you change your mind!

If you like to discover original concepts of houses, you will probably like to visit this duplex.

You may be pleasantly surprised by this home!

Good visit!

A duplex!

Nestled on the beach of Atlantic Beach, Florida, next to Jacksonville, this unique duplex was built in the 1970s by the famous architect William Morgan, after a strong hurricane left a huge sand dune on the property.

A truly unique concept!

Our architect, Morgan, who lived on the land next door at the time, decided to buy the land and make an architectural experiment; build a house inside the dune!

Built in 1975

The result is a work of modern art, that has attracted the attention of photographers, architecture lovers and beach vacationers since it was completed in 1975.


Inside, a curved staircase hugs the shape of the dune and leads to a loft-like living space with a sitting area and a kitchen. Every surface of the house, from the rooflines to the kitchen peninsula, is curved.

An incredible view

Despite being an underground house, the superb view is appreciated by the residents of this house by the sea. The two openings of the dune, (horseshoe shaped), offer a beautiful view of the beach and let in natural light in the house. This is absolutely beautiful!

Do you like the concept?

In addition to the original attraction of the house inside the sand dune, it also boasts environmental benefits. Thanks to the grass-covered roof with grass (which, yes, must be mown) the internal temperature is kept stabilized at 70 degrees.

Would you live in such a house? Feel free to leave me your thoughts!

Source: Coastal living · Photo Credit: Coastal living

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