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Give a second life to your IKEA furniture!

Give a second life to your IKEA furniture!
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Impressive transformations!

Some people like IKEA furniture and some not at all. What is surprising in the following photos is the incredible transformation of these furniture and items that come from the IKEA store.

Some furniture is completely different, some gadgets are used for something completely different!

It's also inspiring to see everything you can do with some gadgets from IKEA.

Take a look, this may make you want to transform your furniture!

First transformation

The small bench BEKVAM is very ordinary even if it is very practical! It can be used for many things!

What do you think of this transformation? A real little kitchen for children! Great, isn't it?

Second transformation

The INGO table can help when you do not have a lot of money to buy a dining table.

Believe it or not, the table on the second picture, is the INGO table that has been completely transformed! Wow! This is not a small transformation but it is worthwhile to invest in such a project!

Third transformation

The Variera plastic bag dispenser can do so much more for you than holding your bags!

What do you think of the idea of using it to store the wrapping paper?

Fourth transformation

The FINTORP rail can be used for many things but what do you think of this idea? I just love it! The rail costs about $ 9.

Fifth transformation

The TARVA chest of drawers is very cute but I can't believe that it is the same furniture on the second picture! I love this transformation and you?

Sixth transformation

I find the next idea really original! What do you think about turning the popular LACK table into board games for your kids? I agree that it takes a lot of work to transform them but I love this idea, and you? It would be nice in a playroom!

Seventh transformation

The idea of painting this piece of furniture and turn it into a desk is great !

Eighth transformation

The EKBY ALEX shelves are cute and practical for small spaces but did you know that you could add table legs and make a nice piece of furniture, perfect for a bedroom or in an entryway?

Ninth transformation

It is often said that IKEA furniture has no style, but what do you think of the idea of changing the table legs to give it a more interesting look like in the 60s? It's not the same furniture anymore!

Tenth transformation

The Ottoman SODERHAMN is very convenient for your feet but it is not very modern. One person decided to change the legs and cover it. Admit that it is not the same ottoman!

What do you think of these transformations? They are great, right? I hope you are inspired!

Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House beautiful

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