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Give a second life to your old furniture, they are worth more than you think.

Give a second life to your old furniture, they are worth more than you think.
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15 original ways to recycle your old furniture!

Add a unique touch to your decor by recycling your old furniture instead of throwing it away!

A home decor is often more beautiful if you find items here and there that are out of the ordinary and that bring a special touch to your decor.

Here are 15 examples of furniture that have been recycled and transformed.

Take a look, who knows, you may want to do the same thing in your home?

Good reading!

First idea

An old dresser can be transformed into the perfect bathroom vanity. Look how this old dresser gives a truly unique look to this decor! This furniture also offers extra storage in the bathroom. Wow!

Second idea

Do you have an old bench and do not know what to do with it? Turn it into a table for the living room! It's big enough to hold the remote and a drink. You can also store stuff underneath it.

Third idea

For a unique decor; What do you think about this idea?

Fourth idea

Use an old TV or clothes cabinet to create a bed for your dog! Simply remove the doors and remove all the equipment that was once inside. Add a cushion inside and decorate ! Here you go!

Fifth idea

We all have this kind of old filing cabinet in our homes. This can make the perfect garden tool storage compartment.

Just flip it on its side and add casters to the bottom of it. You can use pegboard for extra storage on the side of the cabinet and give it a full coat of paint. What a good idea!

Sixth idea

Instead of buying a kitchen island, use an old dresser. Add some casters so that your furniture is movable.

You can also add a piece of wood or marble or some other material to create a larger countertop. I love this idea!

Seventh idea

Use your old doors to make you a place in your garden, where you can stop to enjoy nature.

Eighth idea

Use an old crib to make an art table for the kids. It creates a perfect station where they can paint and draw. Just take off one of its sides and give the base a coat of chalkboard paint. This is a great idea !

Ninth idea

Use a small side table and attach it to an old door. Give it a new coat of paint to turn it into this adorable coffee bar! You can even add a little shelf. It's really cute!

Tenth idea

Who said that garbage can't be beautiful? Fill them with some rocks and potting soil and top off with a beautiful plant ! You can also paint the hardware to give it a more finished look.

Eleventh idea

You can create a beautiful kitchen for your children. Use an old TV cabinet and let your imagination run wild!

Twelfth idea

This project will require some tools and skills in carpentry but it is an absolutely stunning looking project. Just cut the top off on one side and add a cushion. Remove a drawer or two from the bottom to make space for the shoes! I just love it!

Thirteenth idea

Need a new headboard? The old shutters can be used to create an original focal point in a bedroom!

Fourteenth idea

Do you need to add more emphasis to your cabinetry? Try some door knockers. Just replace your regular knobs with them to give your space a more sophisticated look. I love this idea, don't you?

Fifteenth idea

Simply attach a crate to an old door and this project makes a perfect place to have a seat and take off your shoes and boots.

Here you go! Do you have a favorite idea? Feel free to share if you liked these ideas?

Source: Home Hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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