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Here are 10 inspirations to help you decorate your interior with wood and branches.

Here are 10 inspirations to help you decorate your interior with wood and branches.
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Summer is not over yet, but most of our campfires are behind us. With the start of the school year, we are looking for cocooning and warm interior decoration. So now is the perfect time to recover our leftover wood in order to make original decorative elements to enjoy during the cold months that are approaching. So, quickly find your old wood and your dry branches!

1. An illuminated wall decoration

Nature sometimes gives us gifts on a silver platter. Such a pretty branch deserves to occupy our wall and to be gently lit to comfort us during the cold winter evenings!

source: Pinterest

2. A hanging light decoration

Don't just use your fairy lights at Christmas!

source: Pinterest

3. A tree on the wall

With branches and logs, you can recreate a natural space on a simple wall!

source: Pinterest

4. A nice addition to the photo wall

What a beautiful way to display your most precious memories. 

source: Pinterest

5. A mirror that stands out

Branches can transform a simple mirror into a star element in a room.

source: Pinterest

6. A dividing wall

What a great way to mark off spaces in a house!

source: Pinterest

7. An umbrella stand

It will be incredibly chic in your entrance!

source: Pinterest

8. A beautiful rustic shelf

To dream of forests all year round.

source: Pinterest

9. Fabulous lighting

Remember the campfires with this evocative light placed on the ground.

source: Pinterest

10. A beautiful mirror with shelf

Solid, practical and warm!

source: Pinterest

What do you think of these ideas? Are you going to reproduce some at home?

Source: Creativo · Photo Credit: Creativo

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