Decoration : Here are 11 inspiring DIY home decor project without spending too much
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Here are 11 inspiring DIY home decor project without spending too much

Decorate without spending too much!

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If you were looking for a way to add decoration to your house without spending too much, here you will find 11 beautiful ideas easy to do with simple materials and easy to get.

11 ideas that everyone can easily achieve, without necessarily having the skill of a handyman. A short description will tell you what to do for these small creative DIY projects.

Here are 11 DIY projects :

1) Paint the tiles of the floor:

These tiles have been painted with chalkboard paint, black paint and stencil. They then used planks and paint to make a ladder and a frame to add nice decoration, without spending too much!

Source: Livin 'the Life of Riley

2) Decorate a window with lace!

Use Mod Podge to glue lace onto windows. So you can enjoy the natural light, without anyone being able to see inside! The best part? If you don't want this anymore, the lace can be easily removed with hot water.

Source: Anna Belvita

3) Make a side table:

Your living room is too small, or your living room furniture is too big to have tables on each side ? Make a side table behind the sofa.

You will need:

  • One pine board 2.54 x 15.24 x 20.32 cm (1 "x 6" x 8 ") cut to the desired length
  • 2 furring strips 5.08 x 5.08 x 20.32 cm (2 "x 2" x 8 ') cut to the desired length 
  • Banister rails 5.08 x 5.08 cm (2 "x 2") cut to the desired height
  • Stain
  • White acrylic paint

Source: Always Never Done

4) Protect grout of shower tiles:

After cleaning the grout of shower tile with a strong whitening product to whiten it, protect it. Use a white candle. And rub it onto the grout to protect it. The wax is perfect for this kind of protection.

5) Make a coffee table:

Use a plywood board, 4 casters and 4 wooden crates to make a beautiful and cheap coffee table! Would you like to color it? Get a paint of the color of your choice! Would you like to close the center? Fix small hooks inside the middle and place a small mirror that you can secure with silicone glue.

Source: Kim Chic

6) Add curtains in front of your blinds in 1 minute!

Watch the video to learn how to add curtains in front of the blinds in 1 minute!

7) Add floating shelves to your decor:

Big furniture and cluttered spaces are outdated, so consider installing floating shelves before spending on bookcases or entertainment center. The floating shelves are easy to install, economical, practical and perfectly decorate the house.

Source: Decoholic

8) Frame the front door with moldings:

You don't like the look of your front door anymore? Add something original to your door by fixing moldings all around. Then you can paint these moldings the same color as the door. You'll have a beautiful and original front door.

Source: Always Never Done

Source: meandjilly I uglyducklinghouse via BuzzFeed


Source: meandjilly I uglyducklinghouse via BuzzFeed


Source: meandjilly I uglyducklinghouse via BuzzFeed

9) Add a temporary backsplash:

Are you tired of waiting for someone to help you change the kitchen backsplash? Stick a temporary self-adhesive backsplash over the one you already have! A perfect tip for tenants who can't do major changes.

Source: EngineerYourSpace

10) Mask the wire shelving:

Use contact paper (self-adhesive) to mask these ugly shelves!

Source: DoItOnaDime via TipHero

Learn how to it with this video!

11) Make a fire pit:

Have you always wanted one? It is easy to do!

You will need:

- 2 flower pots of 2 different sizes

- Oil or vaseline (something greasy to lubricate the flower pots)

-A large bucket

- Sandpaper

- Bag of cement

- A trowel

- Bricks

- Water

- Wood or lava rocks

How to do:

1) Grease the inside of a large flowerpot and the outside of the small one

2) Prepare the fire resistant concrete mix

3) Pour concrete into the big flowerpot and put the little pot into the big one

4) Put the little pot one in the big one and drop the bricks into the pot

5) Then wait at least 48 hours

6) Unmould and sand the concrete with the sandpaper

7) Use small logs to make a fire.

Source: HouseholdHacker in Rumble

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