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Here are 15 ways to make your yard more private with decorative fences!

Here are 15 ways to make your yard more private with decorative fences!
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15 decorative fences to have more privacy !

Do you have a small backyard, a balcony... a place that you like but that is not very private?

Neighbors can see you ? Do you have the feeling that someone's watching what you do?

Here are some ideas to make your yard more private ! These 15 decorative fences are great ways to create privacy in your backyard!

Good reading!

First decorative fence

What do you think of adding greenery ? Nobody can see you, and plant brings a nice touch to your backyard ! English Ivy grows easily !

Second decorative fence

Recycle your old shutters. Add some decorative items and that's it; your neighbor won't see anything ! It's very original !

Third decorative fence

It's pretty simple to make and it's the perfect place to put your little flowerpots ! The children will like to help you create this original fence !

Fourth decorative fence

I think this kind of installation is perfect for a balcony ! You will enjoy the nice smell of flowers and prevent curious people from watching you on your balcony !

Fifth decorative fence

You may not have the budget to install a big fence, so this bamboo fence can protect you from curious people! Bamboo fence is inexpensive!

Sixth decorative fence

What do you think of this balcony? Plants and parasols: this is a great way to add some privacy !

Seventh decorative fence

You coul add some color too ! These fences add a bit of privacy.

Eighth decorative fence

We can't deny that this one is original !

Ninth decorative fence

If you do not like plants and other decorative elements. This one is made for you !

Tenth decorative fence

There are companies that print on fabrics. If your balcony is a bit outdated, print nice flowers or other patterns to have at least something beautiful to look at !

Eleventh decorative fence

The wicker can be a solution to your problems and it's very nice in the backyard !

Twelfth decorative fence

Install a trellis and let a plant gow on it !

Thirteenth decorative fence

For those who need a modern look: wood. A wooden board is a great way to add some privacy !

Fourteenth decorative fence

This idea is very original, you can install this on a balcony.

Fifteenth decorative fence

This idea is perfect to protect yourself from the rays of the sun but it also creates privacy in your yard!

I hope that these ideas will inspire you !

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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