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Here are 20 great ideas to transform all your old furniture

Here are 20 great ideas to transform all your old furniture
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No matter what model of old furniture you have at home, with all the beautiful ideas that we share with you today, you will certainly find an idea, and maybe even several ideas for transforming old furniture.

You can do anything you want, you can change the color, or make new changes to your furniture.

Consider this article as an image bank. So keep this article in your favorites bar. And when you want to transform an old furniture, you will have everything on hand.

Here are 20 great ideas to transform an old piece of furniture :

1) This transformed furniture would be perfect in a young child's bedroom or a girl's bedroom.

Source : traceysfancy

2) This chair of the 70s-80s would be perfect in a student apartment !

Source :

3) That's really cool! Right?!

Source : girlinthegarage

4) We can find these stools in all the hardware stores and in several superstores. They are really trendy !

Source :

5) Just some paint and this bedside table makes all the difference in this girl bedroom.

Source :

6) These colorful chairs will be beautiful in a white dining room !

Source :

7) Everyone who loves to paint will feel inspired by this kind of project !

Source :

8) This bedside table is also very inspiring !

Source :

9) A chest of drawers turned into Westfalia for a kid's bedroom, it's really fun !

Source :

10) With a beautiful blue and gold handles, this piece of furniture has style and is chic.

Source :

11) You can mix the colors !

Source :

12) Paint and adhesive letters for this furniture.

Source :

13) The stencils are very useful for all those who are less skilled with the paintbrushes.

Source : artisbeauty

14) The mixture of varnished wood and paint also gives wonderful results.

Source : europaintfinishes.blogs

15) Wood and herringbone pattern, 2 things very trendy in these days!

Source :

16) WOW ! What else ?

Source : curbly

17) For all those who prefer antiques and dark colors.

Source :

18) A fun idea : A blackboard !

Source :

19) A mandala on chalkboard paint.

Source :

20) And finally, beautiful butterflies on a chest of drawers . . .

Source : paintedfurnitureideas

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