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Here are 26 original ideas to recycle your old kitchen accessories

Here are 26 original ideas to recycle your old kitchen accessories
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It's not uncommon in a kitchen that we end up with a single silver fork from a set that comes from our grandmother's sister. And what could we do with it? And what could be done with a small chopping board?

Your kitchen is full of these accessories? Don't throw them away until you see these 26 wonderful recycling ideas!

Here are 26 ideas to turn old kitchen items into decorative objects!

A few welds will allow you to make a beautiful fruit bowl!

These whisks will be perfect to illuminate an evening without electricity!

Chopping boards that are too small are easy to transform

Metal paint can incredibly transform a cheese grater

Were you looking for the perfect clock for your kitchen? You can make it yourself? The hot glue gun is the secret of this project!

The old ladles make beautiful tealight holders!

Spoons make extraordinary hooks for holding keys!

A rolling pin makes an amazing towel rack!

The metal funnels make beautiful candle holders!

The goblets and plates make superb plate cake stand

Take the time to remove the sharp edges of a cheese grater with a hammer or mallet before making this project.

Recycle your old forks into photo holders or place card holders

Wooden spoons make very colorful tags for the garden!

Porcelain cups and saucers make beautiful lampshades!

All the old kitchen accessories can be used in your craft or sewing room

A chandelier made of a bicycle wheel and utensils. This is a very original project!

Even the lid of a saucepan can become a beautiful clock

Chalkboard paint will be perfect to cover a plastic tray, it will look like a silver tray!

Your Succulents will be cute in porcelain cups

Do you need a mini fence for your flowers?

Or decoration for your garden?

Unless you directly plant your flowers and plants into the teapots and pans in the garden.

Use the spoons for your hanging plants!

Upside down metal buckets make beautiful lampshades with big rope!

An unused mug set can be very useful!

Enamel bowls or colanders turned into beautiful kitchen decorations

Turn your too small cutting board into tablet holder! You can easily read your recipes!

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