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Here is how to organize an outdoor cinema!

Here is how to organize an outdoor cinema!
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Prepare this evening for your family or for your children and their friends ! They will thank you again in 10 years, because this evening will remain forever engraved in their memories ! Unforgettable memories, because we rarely do this kind of party, and they will feel, pampered and loved that you took the time to do all this for them ! They will be very grateful . . . !

You can pick one of these 7 ideas to have a wonderful evening and you too will have a wonderful time with your children !

Do not forget, it's not the amount of people invited to the party that counts. Invite the people you love, with whom you like to have a good time. And you will have a great evening !

1) Use inflatable camping mattresses and cover them with sheets to make ultra-comfortable outdoor cinema beds !


2) Pour cement into empty paint cans where you will plant wooden planks. Once the cement is dry, you can staple a white sheet on the planks, then use rope to stretch the white sheet by putting tent pegs in the lawn.

Photo source : David Tsay

3) An inflatable pool for kids is perfect to make a outdoor lounge ! They will be really comfortable with blankets and cushions !

Source : arearughomedecor

4) You can hang a large white sheet on the roof of the house ! Even if a window is on this wall, we will not see it through the sheet !

Source : elpetersondesign

5) Maybe you have garden furniture that you can move for the occasion ? Add some lights and voila !

Source : thegardenglove

6) If you have a tree in your garden, you can suspend a white sheet on one of its branches. A wooden dowel glued to the bottom of the sheet will help to keep it open. Add lighting, cushions and you will create a magical atmosphere to watch movies in nature !

Source : thegardenglove

7) Maybe you have a white wall on your house ! This is the perfect place to install the outdoor cinema ! Just add lighting, blankets and cushions for a perfect movie night !

Source : blog.urbanicpaper

Source: imgur · Photo Credit: imgur

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